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"quick and responsive"

Amy Kong is an excellent Real Estate professional. Not only does she truly represented my interest in the transaction but she also took on extra workload for me. Amy is quick and responsive and is right there to work through all the problems that came up all the way till closing. I highly recommend Amy if you need someone to represent you in real estate transactions

- Zillow User

"detail oriented, professional, and gets things done"

Tina Wong and her associates at Realty World Advanced Group have been our number choice over the years. Tina has helped my family and I to buy and sell multiple properties, and we are very satisfied each and every single time. Tina is very detail oriented, professional, and gets things done. She is highly recommended.

- Xavier Tsang

"showed compassion and patience"

In January 2009 I had a transaction with Amy Kong, She is professional, picked up her calls and answered emails in a timely manner. My client/buyer had some problems with procuring a loan, Amy showed compassion and patience during a difficult transaction. SHE made changes to the time frame so that my client was able to complete the transaction.

- Phyllis M, Foster City

"She was a true gem"

My wife and I can't fully describe how terrific Tina had been in making sure we found and secured our dream home. She was a true gem helping and guiding us through the whole process of the house purchase. Showing prospective orioerties, pointing out the pros and cons and value, or lack of, of each. She made sure she understood our needs and wants and worked tirelessly on finding the right place for us. You can't go wrong with Tina working with you.

- Larry Ngan

"knowledgeable and straight to the point"

This is an agent who went extra mile to get the job done. I was uncertain to my original purchase offer decision. She took her time with extreme patience and walked me through the entire process, she even spent time with me on full analysis between all the properties with understanding of the competition out there. Never was she pushy nor demanding. She is knowledgeable and straight to the point. It was a blessing to have an agent like her. With all thumbs up, Thank You, Amy!!

- William Q, San Mateo

"very experience agent"

My 1st contact to Tina was on Nov 9. When I looked at her pic, I was a bit worry. Because it looked so young and she may not be too experienced. Indeed, she is a very experience agent (not that young, haha!). She requested a lot basic information & time from me, including financial income. But this helped us for the bid. I made my 1st offer a month later. She went through the disclosure with us! 10 offers for this home but we won! we closed everything within 17 days during the holiday season! I got my new home's key prior to the New Year! I'm proud to say I'm one of the home owner for 2017.

- Leo

"knowledgeable and very experienced"

We are so glad to have Amy as our selling and buying agent for doing the exchange property. She's knowledgeable and very experienced. We especially appreciate her advises along the complicated process and feel confident that she can help us get through any kind of obstacles. Thank you so much, Amy!

- Zillow User

"Just amazing!"

Just amazing! Amy is an expert. Enthusiastic, friendly, go-getter, responsive, passionate, and has a clear vision. My brother was buying a house in the area and we found Amy to help us. My mind was always at ease working with Amy. Any questions we had were always answered quickly. You literally feel like you are the only person she is working with to help find a home, when clearly, that is not the case. If you use Amy, you will not be disappointed. She has a level of professionalism that is unparalleled. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

- Angie W Alhambra, CA

"friendly, funny, and patient"

I don't usually write yelp review, but as I read some of the the reviews of this real-estate agent, I think I should say something about her with my own personal experience. It is always interesting to see some extreme different reviews on one person; almost like we're talking about two different people. As a first time home buyer, and a visual designer, the only thing I know about real estate, is if the house looks good or bad. I have no idea how the process works, no idea how to choose. Amy spent a huge amount of time explaining every details, from choosing properties, quality examination, aesthetic, to values, reselling planning, transaction process...and so on...basically answering all my questions and uncertainties and provide options and suggestions, I was surprised by her broad knowledge, connections and relationship with both professional and clients. I was not even buying an expensive other words, she didn't get much for helping me, I was probably not worth her time. Amy is a friendly, funny, and patient person to work with, along with her professional attitude, ability and knowledge, she is very capable and dedicated. Now is the third year I own my property she helped me purchase, I still ask her questions and advice once a while, and she still answers me with patience. She does cherish the relationship with her clients and provide help as much as she can. I happen to know some of her other clients, and we share the same point of view on this real estate agent.

- Stanley, Millbrae

"process was extremely smooth"

Tina was my realtor and helped me purchase my first property in the bay area. Tina is extremely knowledgeable about the bay area real estate market. Even months prior to my purchase, she sat down with me several times for hours to budget and pinpoint types of properties in certain locations and target price ranges suitable for my budget. The entire purchase process was extremely smooth. Tina even helped me with renting out the property. I've met with other realtors in the past, but no one is as as attention-to-detail as Tina. I highly recommend that you choose Tina as your agent, especially if you are a first time home buyer. I will definitely reach out to her again when I am ready to purchase another property.

- Cecilia Liang

"very helpful in each step of selling"

Tina Wong was very helpful in each step of selling the home. From obtaining various vendors in assisting with almost all aspects of getting the house ready for sale. Thank you.

- George Lee

"very patient, kind, and knowledgeable"

Tina Wong is a fantastic agent! She was very patient, kind, and knowledgeable. We were so happy with her services. Thanks for everything !!!

- Kanthima Sripinyo

"really easy to work with"

Tina was really easy to work with. She was very knowledgeable and professional, and guided us through the entire process. She was very thorough when explaining things to us and always made sure we were comfortable and understood all the details. Tina was also extremely responsive! She was always available to answer all of our questions, and would even meet us last minute to tour a house. We would absolutely recommend her and would definitely be using her again in the future!

- Christine Lam

"definitely raised the bar"

Being a professional in the financial industry for last 20 years, I have a high expectation for those helping me. And Tina definitely raised the bar in this complex sell/buy transaction. Knowledgeable, detail oriented, flexible in meeting client needs/wants, and ability to deliver were just few highlights of her expertise. Beyond resolving all the complexities and issues arisen from the real estate side of the transaction, Tina also played an effective, critical role in our financing. I am sure one can always find a real estate agent claiming to complete the transaction with cheaper cost; however, if you want to have the job done right, Tina is your answer.

- Edwin Feng

"very knowledgeable of the market"

Tina is very knowledgeable of the market and the processes involved in home-buying, selling, and leasing. It was a long process of finding a home which Tina patiently and diligently worked through with us, and once we finally entered into contract, she helped negotiate a good price. Tina is responsive and does not dismiss any of your concerns but addresses each and every one of them, even if they might be of the nervous-home-buyer variety. I would work again with Tina and would recommend her to my friends

- Kathleen C

"Tina was immensely helpful"

I was introduced to Tina Wong by my commercial real estate contacts that are veterans in the industry. And after a couple of meetings, I could see why out all residential real estate brokers, I was specifically introduced to her. Tina does not just want to close a deal, but she has spent time and effort to understand my situation and my wife's situation before she gave us her opinion and her suggestions. Once me and my wife figured what type of property to purchase, Tina was immensely helpful at browsing for options, giving through insight opinion on property characteristics, and educating me and my wife on every step of a real estate transaction. I finally had a chance to close on the purchase of my property, and I am very happy with all the help that Tina has been able provide through this process, and I would definitely ask for her help on my future real estate transactions.

- Carlos Enrique Wu

"fantastic to work with"

I am so fortunate to have Amy as my agent! She is fantastic to work with! Amy is very professional. Her years of experience and her warm personality made the whole process as enjoyable as possible. Amy is highly responsive and she would answer any questions or concerns that came up. She is very familiar with the area and she has lots of knowledge about the market; her insight and suggestions are much appreciated. She helped us with the renovations that were needed and she arranged staging for our property and turned it into a highly desirable dream house. What impressed me the most is Amy’s exceptional negotiation skills! I truly appreciate her and all that she did for us, and I had experienced the best service one could ask for. I would highly recommend Amy to anyone who is looking to buy or sell

- Zillow User

"Rich in professional knowledge"

She is familiar with the local situation.Rich in professional knowledge.Very responsible,dedicated.Not only give us good advice on buying a house.I also give a lot of help to problems other than buying a house.Make the whole process of buying a house very fast and smooth.We are very lucky to have chosen her. She is a qualified broker

- Zillow User

"best of the best"

Amy Kong is the best of the best. She looked after our interests and gave good advice. She helped us buy 3 homes and sold 3 homes in the last 24 years. Thank you, Amy!

- Zillow User

"She’s truly legit and deserve 5 stars ratings"

I don't often write review on yelp, but after reading some of those 1 star review about Amy. It is totally conflict and opposite to my experience. Amy is very organize, well prepared agent. She's very helpful in all aspects and willing to go extra mile to assist. If you have question related to real estate purchase, she will provide educated advice. She follows guideline and rules; She's very clean cut and will not do anything shady or being greedy. I have seen some other agents who broke the rules trying to get a deal close or commission but that's NOT Amy whom I know. I had her represented me as buyer agent few years ago and I will ask her as the seller agent when I am selling my condo. It's all because I had good relation with her and received good service. She's truly legit and deserve 5 stars ratings.

- Ray C, South San Francisco

"works efficiently and also gave a lot of suggestion"

Tina Wong is very knowledgeable for housing market and individual property. She explains details about this property. She works efficiently and also gave a lot of suggestion and ideas how to maintain house better. I am very happy to work with her and her assistant.

- Chian Liu

"honest and trustworthy"

When I first purchased my house 13 years ago, I had no idea what to look for in a house as a first time home buyer. In this competitive housing market, I needed someone to give me honest advice and hand-holding guidance and thanks to Amy, I was able to make an intelligent purchase. Since then, Amy has helped me sell and purchase many different properties and those have resulted in good ROI. She's NOT a realtor whose only interest is only making money but a friend who provide honest and trustworthy advice with your best interest in mind. She will be my life-long realtor and friend.

- Wincy Y, San Francisco

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